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Along with all great products comes great services.  All of our services have been designed to make your job easier and to protect your products.


Let us handle all of the heavy lifting from the time you place the order until it is delivered.  Whether you are looking for us to recycle your old pallets or have us store your pallets with our Just-In Time (JIT) delivery system we have you covered.  Literally.  We have 25,000 square feet of covered storage with automatic fire sprinklers.


● Pallet Design & Engineering ● Stenciling / marking
● Custom Manufacturing ● Storage (Covered & Open)
● Heat Treating ● Custom Grinding
● Pallet & Skid Recycling ● Disposal
● Pallet Repair



Pallets Incorporated
99 1/2 East Street
Fort Edward, NY  12828
518-747-3757 (fax)

Flexible partners used to be hard to find.  Not anymore!

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