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Pallets Incorporated was founded in 1942 by Arthur S. Binley Jr. solely as a wood pallet manufacturer.  Sixty-Six years later Pallets Incorporated still remains a family business  (three generations) that contributes its success to strong values, integrity, customer service, innovative ideas and its dedication to its’ employees

Back in 1942 Pallets Incorporated operated at of three different locations.  Due to the demand for high quality products, Pallets Incorporated experienced rapid growth.  Along with this came new innovations, expanded product offerings, technology and more employees.  While serving the North East, Pallets Incorporated has maintained its competitive appeal and preferred status as a manufacturer for many national and regional companies.

Pallets is now a three generation company, Arthur S. Binley Jr., Arthur S. Binley III and Clinton H. Binley – President and CEO.  With the passing of the torch from generation to generation the knowledge of running a successful business, decades of industry expertise, manufacturing techniques and relationships were not lost.  We continue to build on the outstanding reputation we have earned over the years and take pride that we are also the second oldest member of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association.


Over the years, we have seen the pallet industry change drastically from making pallets by hand to state of the art machinery, run by computers.  These advances allow us to offer our customers the lowest cost of ownership.  We continue to educate ourselves with the latest products, advancements and processes so we can provide innovative and cost effective solutions.

We Thank You for your business over the past decades and look forward to many more great years.

Pallets Incorporated
99 1/2 East Street
Fort Edward, NY  12828
518-747-3757 (fax)

Longevity!  Run by three generations of Binley’s

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